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How big is Fleamasters?
Fleamasters is BIG...real, BIG. Bigger than big. Enormous. Bigger than five X-Mart sits on 52 acres and has over 400,000 sq. ft. of shopping with over 900 stores in 2 buildings.

If it's raining, does Fleamasters have inside stores?
Fleamasters is all under roof, so rain or shine Fleamasters has you covered. Many of our larger, permanent stores are air-conditioned, too. There are hundreds of fans in the aisles to keep you comfortable while you're browsing.

How handicap accessible is Fleamasters?
Handicap parking is available along the fence closest to the entrance gates in each parking lot. Fleamasters provides handicap accessible restrooms located throughout the market.

Once I'm at Fleamasters, how do I know which color aisle I am on?
The lines on the floor indicate aisle color and the numbered squares above each booth are the color of the aisle and the number is the booth number. The cross aisles are called "rows" and all the lines are white and the squares are white. The letter in the right bottom corner of the square indicates the row letter. The Grand Pavilion is split into Buildings, East-(E)(SE)(NE), West-(W)(SW)(NW), and Center (C).

I found so many wonderful sales, I didn't bring enough cash, does Fleamasters have an ATM?
Fleamasters ATM is located at the south end Food Court, in the Blue aisle at Row A, right in front of the restrooms.

Now that you mentioned food, what's to eat, I'm starved?
The F in Flea really stands for food. There is every kind you can imagine at Fleamasters. Choose from the traditional burgers, hot dogs, BBQ, pizza, sandwiches, sausage (Italian, Polish, bratwurst), salads, and even ethnic varieties of delicious Mexican and latino foods. Want minudo in the morning? We have it.

Is everything new at Fleamasters or do you have old stuff too?
Fleamasters has several second hand stores and also welcomes yard sale vendors. There are special deals in the summertime so that it is very inexpensive to bring your garage sale to Fleamasters where tens of thousands of shoppers can see it. So plan to have your next yard sale, rain or shine, at Fleamasters.

Every time I go to Fleamasters it looks different, why?

Fleamasters has many long-time permanent dealers but also provides selling space to seasonal dealers (Oct-April) and temporary dealers (1 weekend to a couple of months).

I have been through this whole web site and still have some questions. Who do I ask?
Well, not to fear, Mary (Ms. Information) at the information booth will be glad to answer any question you may have. You can call her: Fri-Sun 9 AM - 4 PM at 239-334-7001 ext 234 or e-mail her at: