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It's Cinco de Mayo at Fleamasters!

Fleamasters celebrates Cinco de Mayo with a day of music, face painting, and "Best Dressed Chihuahua Contest."

“Dress up and enter your pint-sized pup!” invites Linda Steele, Fleamasters’ Marketing Director. “Whether fancy, wild, funky, or a mix of styles, this contest is your Chihuahua’s chance to strut their stuff.” Earn bonus points: Chihuahua owners can add to the fun by dressing themselves up, as well.

“The idea came to us from the stores in our market that sell clothes, hats and other accessories for dogs. They’re extremely popular.” Steele said. “And Cinco de Mayo seems the perfect time to celebrate the Chihuahua, a breed with origins in Mexico. The contest should be a lot of fun to participate in, or watch.”

All of the money raised supports the Redlands Christian Migrant Association.” RCMA provides child development services for farmworker families and other rural, low-income families.

2014 Best Dressed Chihuahua Contest Details
When: Sunday, May 4, 2014, at 1:00 pm
Where: Fleamasters’ Music Hall
Entry Fee: $10 to defray cost of prizes
Contest Details:
• Registration will take place from 2:00 to 3:00 pm; contest begins at 3:00 pm.
• Chihuahua vaccinations must be current.
• It’s not about about breeding or pedigrees; your Chihuahua does not need to be purebred to enter. But dog must look like a Chihuahua to win.
• All dogs must be on a leash or carried or otherwise in control of owner at all times. Unruly dogs or owners may be disqualified or asked to leave.
• Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet.
• Our judges are not professionals, however judge’s decisions are final.
• Chihuahuas must be present during registration
• Fleamasters reserves the right to use owner/dog photos for future advertising