garage sale illus

This section is dedicated to a Great American Institution... the Garage Sale. You can't just dump merchandise on a table and expect to realize huge profits. Unless a garage sale is done right, you stand a good chance of spending a lot of time and energy for very little return. Here are some ideas to help make your next sale the most profitable yet!

1. Start by taking inventory around your home of things that are taking up space. Decide which items you really don't need and make a list of these items. Clean out your attic, basement, closets and garage. If you are honest about what you really need the list will grow if you look over your household a second or third time. You might want to price items as you go to save yourself from staying up all night before your sale. This is also a good time to jot down notes about things you might want to mention in advertisements.

2. Gather bags and boxes for customer merchandise and set aside extension cords for demonstration of electrical items for sale.

3. Set up an attractive sale area. Cover your display tables with colorful cloths. Don't hesitate to use bright colors and patterns. Effective display is essential to your success. Use eye-catching balloons and/or flags and set big eye-catching items out front to compel those window shoppers to stop.

4. Make sure everything is clean and sparkling, including tools, gardening equipment and bicycles. Polish furniture and make sure clothing is washed and hung on racks or clothes lines. Clear away clutter and put away items that are not for sale.

5. Advertise! There are many low cost ways to draw attention to your sale. Use community bulletin boards, run a small classified ad in the newspaper of your choice, and post signs in your neighborhood. It's a good idea to notify your neighbors of your sale plans in advance, so that they can be prepared for the extra traffic and noise. This would be a good opportunity to ask permission to post signs from neighbors and businesses.