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Fleamasters' Store Directory

Looking for a specific item or store at Fleamasters? Find it in our Directory. Stores are listed alphabetically, by items sold.

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Market Maps

Locate your favorite stores on our market maps. Fleamasters has two big buildings: an original or Main Market and Grand Pavilion.
Fleamasters' Blog

Fleamasters' Blog

Fleamasters blog keeps you up-to-date about what's new and interesting at Fleamasters. There's also featured content from Fleamasters' publication, The Market Guide.

Video Stories

Video Stories

A great way to explore Fleamasters! Come with us on a facinating behind-the-scenes market tour; watch our engaging "Stories of the Market."

About Fleamasters

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Events and Music

This is BIG!

• 400,000 square feet
• 900+ shops, 20 food stands

Easy to Find

On SR 82 1-1/4 miles
west of I-75, Ft. Myers. Click to see location map

3 Big Days

Market Hours: 9 to 5
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Year round, rain or shine!

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Mailing Address
4135 M.L. King Jr. Blvd.
Ft. Myers, Florida 33916

Call Fleamasters
(239) 334-7001

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