Fleamasters Fleamarket Honors Danny Brown as August Employee of the Month

FORT MYERS, FL, AUGUST 18, 2019 — Congratulations to Danny Brown, who took home well-deserved employee-of-the month recognition from Fleamasters Fleamarket.

This month’s award is even more special because Danny has been with Fleamasters for 28 years. He came to the market through Larc, Inc. (Lee Association for Remarkable Citizens), which provides living and employment support for individuals with disabilities.

Customers may recognize Danny from the North Food Court area, where he picks up trays and keeps the tables clean. “Danny is full of heart. He has a lot of pride in the work that he does, and is a hard worker and dedicated employee. But more than that, he’s one of our family,” says Donna Matthew, General Manager. “We love having Danny here, and are pleased to be able to celebrate his achievements this month.”

Fleamasters Fleamarket, located at 4135 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd., celebrated its 33rd year in Fort Myers this past July. At Fleamasters, hundreds of small, owner-operated stores sell new and pre-owned items. Twenty food stands offer local fare. In the summer, market hours are Fridays 9 to 3, Saturdays and Sundays 9 to 5, rain or shine. Find more information about Fleamasters on the web at, or connect with Fleamasters on Facebook.




Fleamasters’ Housewares Store Donates 100 Back-to-School Backpacks to Youth Program

FORT MYERS, FL, JULY 30, 2019 — For the past seven years, Looney Spoonz Housewares has donated hundreds of backpacks to local youth. This month, Looney Spoonz, a kitchen store located in Fleamasters Fleamarket, has donated 100 backpacks to children enrolled in an at-risk summer program sponsored by The Nations Association Charities. The backpacks were distributed at the end of the program as recognition for their hard work.

“The backpacks help provide a positive reinforcement for kids returning for a new school year.” said Shawn Matthew, Looney Spoonz Manager. “Our hope is that these children have a positive experience and enjoy school.”

“Looney Spoonz recognizes the needs of our community, and we try to partner with local charities to give back. We feel that the youth play an important role in the future,” Shawn said.

Looney Spoonz Housewares has just about anything for your kitchen, plus a selection of home-themed gifts. The store is known for its giant wall of OXO kitchen utensils and gadgets, including the complete line of easy-to-handle Good Grips. Open year round Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, Looney Spoonz Housewares is located at the intersection of the Blue Aisle at Row B in Fleamasters Fleamarket, 4135 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd., Fort Myers.

The Nations Association Charities, located at 4625 Palm Beach Blvd, Fort Myers, provides youth programs that foster leadership skills, learned responsibilities and life skills.



Old Vinyl Lives Again at Fleamasters

There have almost always been those who stayed loyal to old record albums, claiming music CDs and digital music can’t match thewarmth and depth of old fashioned vinyl.

These vinyl loyalists, plus a new audience of record collectors (many of them born after the age of CDs), have made old vinyl a hot collectible. Some pick up the albums for the music, others for the iconic cover art.

While he doesn’t have them all displayed at the same time, George Powers says he’s amassed over 10,000 used LP albums to sell at Fleamasters Fleamarket, Green 86. Most albums are only $2 each, though some have brought up to $60. “Once in awhile I pick up a Beatles album,” George says, “and those are worth more.”

Though George offers every genre, his own love is country music. The easiest way to find him is by listening for the rich vocals of Charlie Rich or Tom T. Hall echoing down the aisle — along with his hands down favorite, Johnny Cash. The albums are played on boxy, old console stereos that add to the vintage sound and charm. George figures that he’s been selling odds and ends at Fleamasters for about 25 years. “I love the people. Talking to my regulars, and meeting new people,” George says. “It’s my retirement job… and it keeps me going.”

From vinyl records to glassware to clothing, you’ll find an array of used and vintage items at Fleamasters Fleamarket; plus hundreds more owner-operated stores selling new retail items. In the summer, market hours are Fridays 9 to 3, Saturdays and Sundays 9 to 5, rain or shine. Find more information about Fleamasters on the web at, or connect with Fleamasters on Facebook.



Get Your A-1 Smile Back… at a Flea Market!

Mary Kay Pinch will greet you with a dazzling white smile. It’s no wonder, because smiles are her business and her passion. Mary Kay is the owner of A-1 Smile Teeth Whitening at Fleamasters Fleamarket, Blue 70, 4135 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd., Fort Myers. Why get your teeth whitened at a flea market?

According to Mary Kay, “It’s cost effective. You won’t have to pay for the high overhead of a dental office. You’ll get the same whitening service at a better cost.” To whiten teeth, A-1 offers a carbamide peroxide product that’s activated by cool LED lighting. “Carbamide peroxide is a slow release product,” Mary Kay explains, “It takes about 10 minutes longer, but it’s pain-free… there’s very little chance of sensitivity.”
The two-step process they use is another advantage. After whitening, A-1 applies a sealer to help remineralize and rehydrate your teeth. So there’s no waiting period — you can drink coffee and eat regular food right after getting your teeth whitened.

Mary Kay believes her 20-plus years as a dental hygienist is an important factor, and it helps her establish a great rapport with customers. “If I see something going on in their mouth, I’ll recommend that they see a specialist,” she says. “I’ve always loved being a hygienist, and I especially love the opportunity to educate people, to help them make better decisions about the health of their mouth. Ultimately a healthy mouth means a healthier body,” she adds.

“We’re all getting older. Our hair turns gray and our teeth get darker. I can help you keep a great smile. And a great smile can help take the years away.”

Mary Kay is getting ready to start her third year of business at Fleamasters. She has many repeat customers, and others stop in after seeing her storefront in the market. No appointment is necessary.

From teeth whitening to tailors to locksmiths, you’ll find an array of handy services at Fleamasters Fleamarket. Plus hundreds of other small, owner-operated retail stores. In the summer, market hours are Fridays 9 to 3, Saturdays and Sundays 9 to 5, rain or shine. Find more information about Fleamasters on the web at, or connect with Fleamasters on Facebook.


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