Fleamasters' Vendor Fire Safety Requirements

All vendors must comply with the fire ordinance set forth by the Fort Myers Fire Department. The following is a list of fire safety issues:

1. Extension cords, three way and six way adapters are not authorized at anytime: To extend your electric from the receptacle(s), you must use an UL-listed fused power strip. (FFPC 6-1.5)
2. There shall be no use of space heaters of any kind.
3. There must be no obstruction of any kind to disturb a sprinkler head pattern. No merchandise or signs can be hung from the piping, nor can any sign-or material block a sprinkler head.
4. Fire exits which run through your store must be clear of any merchandise or obstructions. (FFPC 101:
5. Fire lanes located in front of your space must remain clear of merchandise and debris.
6. No vehicles are authorized to be parked in a fire lane, which means no vehicles are authorized to be parked on any paved roadways, except for temporary pick up.
7. All tarps used must be fire rated and have appropriate tag indicating this.
8. There must be no clutter of empty boxes, construction debris, or merchandise inside or behind the dealer's space(s).
9. All propane tanks must be properly tagged, tied down and placed on an approved pad. No smoking signs must be posted. Tanks are to be protected by concrete filled metal poles.
10. Electric circuits must not be overloaded.
11. Any fire extinguishers located in a dealer's space must be current.
12. Christmas lights are not authorized, only plastic coated rope lights.

The most common violation is use of extension cords. THERE ARE TO BE ABSOLUTELY NO EXTENSION CORDS, ROMEX, OR HANDMADE WIRING IN YOUR BOOTH. Only UL-listed fused power strips may be used.


Pursuant to the Florida Clean Air Act, smoking is prohibited in the market, except at designated areas. You may not smoke in your booth or in the aisles. Smoking areas, near the dealer drives, are clearly marked.

Continued safe operation of our marketplace is our prime concern. If you have any additional questions, call us: 239-334-7001.

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