Great Place for Souvenirs and Food!!!!

We go to the flea market about once a month to look around, buy a few things for the lanai and get some food from the vendors and we always bring our guests here for their souvenirs and keep sakes. They have a lot of the same things as the souvenir shops along the beaches and around the area, it's just that the prices are usually about 30% less, especially during season!!

Sure you're going to go by a lot of junk and cheap imported stuff, but there are some good things to be found. Take the local artist who makes jewelry from melted glass, he's got some beautiful stuff and very good prices. The gentleman who makes sculpture from sheets of aluminum and other types of metal has some beautiful stuff. His prices are above average for the flea market, but the quality is very high and the items beautiful!! If it's t-shirts, etc. that you want, why pay top dollar when you can get the same quality, or lack of, for a lot less money? One thing that is almost a must have for us are the coconut patties that have been dipped in chocolate. They have all the flavors and at $5.00 a box, they're priced a lot better than even the grocery store. That's why everyone who visits us gets a trip to the flea market before they buy anything to take home with them.

As long as you're there, you might as well eat. Some of the places specialize in frozen, commercially available food that's prepared there, but the small local places can be quite good. It's hard to go wrong with the Hispanic places that look like Mom and Pop are working there. The food is fresh, authentic and inexpensive. I also like the lobster roll place for fish, which is usually fresh, local and expertly fried. And of course, who doesn't like Nathan's hot dogs? The combinations available are all really good and priced well, reminds me a lot of the hot dogs stands on the boardwalks of a lot of east coast beaches. If you're not watching what you eat or just want to splurge, the try one of the huge donuts, loaded with about any item that you can think of. Talk about a guilty pleasure!! 4 of 5 stars, reviewed September 25, 2015 on Trip Advisor

Stopped by here on our honeymoon to do some thrifting. It's absolutely huge!

The market has two areas. One is more like a traditional flea market where people sell "Stuff". Some yard sale like, some not. Everything is interesting though!

We liked this side the best and I would HIGHLY recommend going here for used books. There is very large section of books most of them for $1. I came here twice in two weeks just to see what else I could find. The gentleman who runs it was extremely nice and spoke to people who appeared to be regulars.

The other side was more booth/ small business oriented. This side didn't appeal to us much as it was like a lower end "mall" set up. Food was very good and reasonably priced. 4.0 star rating, reviewed August 27, 2015, from Yelp

When i first saw the sign driving off of MLK i was so excited...

When i first saw the sign driving off of MLK i was so excited, i've been to so many flea markets in california that i was stoked to go to one in florida! The first day that i had off i came here and boy was it big! so many shops! although most of the shops were the same things but it's always good to bargain with them. I like supporting local stores, these people need businesses too and sad that big corporate businesses are taking this away from them. Anyways, i ended up leaving the place with this small $5 vacuum that you move back and forth, i use it around the house for small things that i can't pick up like my cats litter! works great, best $5 i spent :) you don't even have to plug anything in or use batteries, just sweep back and forth and it collects all the stuff! then you open up the container and throw it away and use it again!
because this place is so big, parking isn't really an issue the lots pretty big just have to park further out and walk in the heat, you'll get easily lost since most stores sell the same things and you question yourself whether you've walked by it or not. it's pretty much a big maze for grown ups! they pretty much have everything. 4.0 star rating, reviewed April 9, 2015, from Yelp

I will say I'm a fan...

I barely scratched the surface of the flea market, but I would go back in a heartbeat, so I will say I'm a fan. We visited on a Sunday, arriving around noon. Parking is a little tricky if you are trying to get a spot closer. They do offer VIP parking for $5, and if you have to park far away there is a shuttle to help you out on the way back if your arms are full of purchases.

We went with the main objective of looking for kitchen items, and my boyfriend's grandmother came armed with a map so we wouldn't get too lost. She purchased a few items in one of the many kitchen stores. It is fun to look through everything here. There are some good deals to be found, but some things you can get cheaper on amazon as well, just be a smart shopper.

In terms of what is offered, you're better off asking what isn't. They have everything from home decor, to tools, to shoes, to weapons, to puppies. I didn't buy a puppy, but I did find a cute laser cut wooden dachshund sign to warn those who enter my house of the ferocity inside. There are also a few farmer's market stands and we picked up some strawberries. They were touted as Plant City strawberries, and they are the most delicious strawberries I have ever tasted. You may want to shop around a little, we bought the strawberries at one of the inner fruit stands, the one right by the gate was a little more expensive.

This flea market is giant. You could easily spend a whole day here and still not see it all. There are plenty of places to eat inside if you want to make a full day out of the experience, but I think a small hour or two at a time suits me just fine. We browsed the main market between rows B and C, which is probably only about 1/4 of the main market area. There is also the Grand Pavilion which is smaller, but has a music hall offering entertainment. The crowds here were a little stressful, but we are reaching the height of snow bird season. 4.0 star rating, reviewed February 3, 2015, from Yelp

Bargains! Even entertainment!

We certainly do visit Fleamasters when we are in the area!! This is the place we buy designer sunglasses, reading glasses, sea shells for our granddaughter's hermit crab, a few t-shirts, Fuller brushes, phone cases, books, and even snazzy cruise capris and tops, BUT there is so much more!! From jewelry to cosmetics to tools and trees, everything one can imagine is here! "Dixieland," the band, was playing the day we visited (a Friday) and their jazz was certainly enjoyable to our ears--a pleasant afternoon break for us. On our latest visit we discovered "holy donuts," the best glazed donut on the planet!! Probably the biggest too. Thank goodness we were sharing. We have always enjoyed the ice cream cones and soft pretzels. One more detail: I lost a small package of sea shells I had purchased. When I returned to check the rest room (very clean by the way), the attendant told me she took the package to the information booth----and there it was!!! That certainly capped our visit!! From Trip Advisor

Awesome place... awesome people

Fun place to walk through you will find anything and everything you are looking for ... Hungry??? You MUST eat at Antojos Boricuas in the blue aisle. Awesome spanish food made fresh LOVE IT .. honest decent people. I stop there just about every week end to eat that hard to find spanish food.... five stars From Trip Advisor

Had a great time and didn't see it all

I went to the flea market, one of my fun things to do. I got there about 11 a.m. and left after 4 p.m. and didn't see it all. It is huge and has a little bit of everything. Something I liked is they have food courts spaced out all over. The prices were reasonable and the selection of things was outstanding. The day I was there they were having a Watermelon Festival so they were giving out free watermelon to everyone. They had music and dancers. I am looking forward to going back again sometime soon to see what I didn't get to see this time. From Trip Advisor

This is a must-stop in Ft. Myers

We moved to Fort Myers about 5 years ago and I always thought the Fleamasters Fleamarket was a big rummage sale full of junk. Boy, was I wrong! The first time I got there around noon. It was very crowded at that time, and since then, I always get there right when they open, around 9 am. The parking is ample and it isn't as crowded and much there isn't any air conditioning. At first it can be overwhelming, as it is quite large with hundreds of vendors. You can find anything from golf balls to nice ladies clothes. I have purchased a lot of very pretty tops, shoes, jewelry, and purses. There are children's toys, perfume, wonderful produce (sold outside as you walk in), and anything else you can think of from A-Z. I have a friend that comes from Sarasota, just to shop here. She loves all the bargains! When you enter, there are pamphlets that contain a map of the flea market, that will help you get around. Every aisle is painted with a different color stripe, so you can find your way .After going a few times, you will remember your favorite places. So, if you are just visiting, or live in Fort Myers...make sure to make flea masters one of your stops. From Trip Advisor

Our favorite shopping experience anywhere

A trip to Ft. Myers must include a day (or two) at Fleamasters. The vastness of the place is mind boggling, but after a few visits, you get to know where your favorite booths are located. You name it---it's there. Great place for bargains on sunglasses, shoes, beach wear, reading glasses, gadgets, and creative clothing. Excellent farmer's market and live entertainment. Great place to people watch! From Trip Advisor

Amazing marketplace

Amazing marketplace that I go to year after year! Whether you're looking for just the right gift, or something unusual that you can't get at your typical store, Fleamasters has it all. From well established businesses to places that might well have set up overnight, you never know what you'll find at this place! It's a must try experience for anyone in the Fort Myers Area. I'm willing to bet that you won't walk out of there empty handed... From Facebook

What a pleasant surprise!

Coming from Orlando and all the touristy and cheap flea markets that abound, we stopped by the Fleamasters just as a time killer curiosity. Wow, were we surprised! Yes, it has the $1 items, As Seen On TV, Electronic Cigarettes, etc, but it also offers a tremendous amount more! We loved the fact lots of people offered real flea market goods from buying at auctions, Storage War offerings, fresh boxed produce (but they still looked very fresh and much cheaper than the supermarkets), lots of food offerings, antiques, jewelry, plants, puppies, etc, etc. Lots of fun snowbirds frequent the place and found out some of the vendors are also snowbirds who work the market as well. Great, friendly people who run the booths as well as to meet as you shop. We would love to go back on our next visit!


Love this place, it is HUUGGEEE.

Plan a whole day of shopping here

Fleamasters Fleamarket is not your typical fleamarket. It is HUGE so wear comfortable shoes, and look at the entrances for a directory, as it is so large you will get lost. The directory is free and also has an index if you are looking for something specific. You will find your typical Florida tshirts, sunglasses, etc. but much much more. There are many many fresh produce booths, and also individuals with yard sale type items. Some are junky but others are quality items. There are many places to sit down, and food/drinks are for sale in many areas. This fleamarket takes you a while if you are tough enough to walk it all. It is a fun shopping treasure hunt. Parking is free but crowded if you dont arrive early. Most of the booths are under roof so rain would not be a real issue. I highly recommend this fleamarket. From Trip Advisor

Love this place!

Great place to walk around. Food court is really nice with different venues. Love all the different shops! From Yelp

Loved this spot

So many different vendors. Something for everyone.
I went here after doing some research on the facilities and the vendors and had shopping list of items I wanted. Most I found and some that weren't on my list. Found some items I've been looking for for a few weeks, a few months, and even a few years here. It was great. Only spent a couple of hours but wish I had more time to just browse, but leaving saved me money. : ) From Yelp

I love it here

I love it here...I have ALL my regulars I shop family when we meet...hugs all around! I come for specific consumable things...and LOVE the bargains I find! From Facebook

5 of 5 stars

great fleamarket. huge and most of it is under roof. so many good shops and food stands. its easy to get lost in the many rows of fun and quirky booth. they have everything you could want here! Buy fruits and veggies priced right. The "garage sale" like barn has lots of interesting things. great place to spend a few hours! we went on a Friday and had no problem getting in or out and parking was easy. From Facebook

Creative and artistic merchandise

Spent an enjoyable afternoon walking through the flea market. There is something for everyone, especially if you are into unique art work. Will try to get back before leaving Florida. Well worth the trip. From Trip Advisor

This is an annual trip for us — Christmas shopping at Fleamasters

Although I live in Tampa and we have a fairly large flea market right here in town, it simply pales in comparison to Fleamasters in Ft. Myers. For the last 11 years, my girlfriends and I have made our annual December pilgrimage to Fleamasters for a day of great Christmas shopping, topped off with a few cold beers as we share our "finds". Fleamasters is really not your typical flea market. There are vendors there who offer beautiful, hand made jewelry, custom mixed fragrances, new clothing stores galore, shoe stores, tool stores, leather stores, fun outdoor decor stores, sports stores, home goods stores and ... well, let's just say there are a lot of stores and a lot of great buys. Wear comfortable shoes and be ready to do a lot of walking if you want to see it all. It really is a fun stop and a great place to shop. From Trip Advisor

Another must-visit spot in the Ft. Myers area

If you are going to be in the Fort Myers area for several or more days and these include a weekend you must visit Fleamasters. It can be an all day affair, if you want it to be. It is particularly suitable for inclement weather and cooler days as it is enclosed. We like to get there fairly early, stroll through half of it, then pause for a "fat food" lunch and beer at one of the two snack areas. There are picnic tables (also under cover) where you can stow your treasures and relax while eating your lunch. Then if you are up for more browsing you can continue with the rest of the market and, perhaps, stop on the way out for beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables. Relax and enjoy. From Trip Advisor

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